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March 13th: the end of a bad week

Today we are finishing one of the most difficult weeks for investors in the last decade.  If you feel like you are in freefall, just remember we are there like a parachute, to catch you. 

I am writing to provide some perspective.   We have seen market volatility before, and we have seen recessions before.  Even if markets are weak or volatile for several more weaks, they will eventually recover.   Even today, the Bank of Canada has lowered its target interest rate to help Canadian families and businesses to weather this difficult time.  We have always discussed risk with our clients, and used lower risk balance portfolios as appropriate.  In some cases, based on your needs, your portfolios hold cash and GIC's.  For some of you, we are using segregated funds or guaranteed income plans which have benefits by being offered through Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.  

I am attaching three pieces to help you at this time:

This article takes a look at the perspective we can gain from looking at history, and three lessons we can take away for today

These articles examines what happens to markets after there is a crisis: 

Emotional Investing.pdf

Market Volatility - 2019.pdf

This article is written by Manulife's investment management team:  Market volatility - March 12.pdf

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