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Testimonials From Our Clients

If you wish to leave a kind word about or service please contact Terry Wyatt

 @ terry.wyatt@manulifesecurities.ca 


Thank you for the calendar and the financial update. You know that I’m a no nothing when it comes to investing, but I feel very financially safe, secure and well looked after by the both of you. Please keep up the good work, I and many others have great faith in you.

Every year I look forward to the Christmas stories you include. Although I’ve heard this one before, it never fails to bring tears to my eyes. There really are good people in the world, like yourselves  who care about the wellbeing of others.


I have never been financially savvy but David makes it easy to understand the markets and how to budget and make the most of my income. Before I didn't even know what I was making a month before I got my financial plan.  I feel so thankful for all your help David Terry and Katlin. I am finally able to control my debt and save for the future.