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Manulife is Here for You

Manulife is here for you.

These are unprecedented times, and with uncertainty in the markets, trusted advice is more important than ever.  

We’re here to support you.

Manulife has been there for Canadians and their families for more than 130 years. This experience has helped us support our customers through challenging times before, and that’s what we’re here to do for you now.  Our local office has moved to home offices where we can securely serve you by email, phone, or video-chat.

We support our communities

Mike Doughty, President and CEO, Manulife Canada, announced on March 20, 2020 that we donated $1 million to ensure our Canadian communities in need have safe access to food, helping the most vulnerable people who are most immediately impacted.  

On the local level, this week our team donated $1,000 to two organizations that are helping the hungry and homeless in St. Catharines:  Southridge Shelter, and the Silver Spire United Church Out of the Cold program.  

We’ll keep you informed

Keeping the conversation going, especially during volatile times, can help you stay focused on your financial strategy in a turbulent economy. By working together, we can keep things in perspective. It may mean revisiting some of your goals, priorities, or some of your timelines. It could also mean we examine various risk factors and perhaps make some asset allocation adjustments. Whatever the case, we can discuss your strategy to ensure you stay the course in a way that works for you, now.  You can always find the latest updates on www.Manulife.ca  and on wyattfinancial.ca.

Whether you have questions about the markets, or your own investments and financial strategy, or simply would like help with your tax slips, we are here for you. We can look at opportunities in the market and can reassess your goals. It’s all about making sure you remain on track to reach your long-term goals and, where possible, your short-term ones too. 

As always, if you have questions about the markets or your investments, we are here to talk.