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Fall News Letter


Fall 2021 

Dear Clients

We are pleased to send you the Fall issue of our newsletter.  We hope you find it informative and helpful. 

Summer is on its way out as we look towards the Fall. Will Covid finally fall like the leaves (let’s hope) or will it still be a thorn in our side for a while?  Regardless of what is happening, investment fundamentals do not change and a sound strategy, being balanced and diversified, will always make achieving your goals that much easier.  As your Advisors, we are here to help with your questions and concerns to provide the best recommendations we can to meet your goals.  The article on page 1 of our newsletter is a great place to start.  Reviewing where you are and changing with the times is so important, which leads to the article on page 2.  We are in constant contact with the fund managers and make sure we help you be in the right investments to help you meet your goals. 

 Meanwhile, the article on page 3, beneficiary designations, is important and we try to keep these up to date. But if there are changes to your wishes, please let us know so we can update to the correct beneficiaries. Finally, page 4 is all about planning and Fall is a great time to do this, not only for year end, but also planning for next year. December and January are just too busy to get anything done. 

 Although we continue to work from home, we are slowly opening to provide in person meetings again, following all health mandated protocols, so we will keep you updated.  We are still working hard with our research and discussions to find the right advice and recommendations for your portfolios in these times.  We are available if you wish to contact us to review your portfolios by phone, via video-call and soon in person. 

 Please check out our website for more information as we look at adding more articles and blogs on a variety of topics, we feel may be of interest to you.    

 As a team we are focussed on providing the high level of service you have come to expect.  As always, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to serve you. 

 Best regards, 

 David Wyatt B.A., B. Comm. CFP                                                                 Katlin Wyatt B.A.

Senior Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated                        Investment Advisor, Manulife Securities Incorporated 

Insurance Advisor, Manulife Securities Insurance Inc.                                   katlin.wyatt@manulifesecurities.ca                                             



Diana Kancko                                                                                               Terry Wyatt Executive Assistant, Manulife Securities Incorporated                                  Executive Assistant, Manulife Securities Incorporated

dkancko@manulifesecurites.ca                                                                    terry.wyatt@manulifesecurites.ca

Diana’s Direct Line:  289-479-5512 

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are offered through Manulife Securities Incorporated.  Insurance products and services are offered through Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. Banking products and services are offered by referral arrangements through our related company Manulife Bank of Canada. Please confirm with your Advisor which company you are dealing with for each of your products and services.


25 Church Street, St Catharines ON.  L2R 3B4

Website:   www.wyattfinancial.ca  

 Branch:   905 704 0300 

Direct Fax:  289-804-0789

Fax:  905-704-0018


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